Creativity with Packing Materials

img_20161224_140515In this coming new year WE MUST DO ART. We MUST create. That’s it.

Let me kick things off.

How often do we get a box in the mail and it’s full of “stuff” we don’t need? This is what I frequently get –

img_20161221_182511I’m all for using materials that can be reused, or at the very least easily recycled.img_20161209_103939Big box #1

img_20161209_100348Big box #2

In those two boxes were pieces to a table that were shipped to us for refinishing. Once I unpacked everything this is what I was left with:

img_20161209_125620There was also a stack of the packing paper like I showed you up top. Rather than throwing all this stuff into the dumpster and sending it to the landfill I brought home the brown paper, listed everything else on Craigslist Free and within 15 minutes had a very happy woman who was moving soon come pick it all up. SCORE!

Once I got home I had “help” –

img_20161221_184023Minnie loved the paper 🙂

img_20161222_201554That brown paper comes on a roll and is perforated every 9″. I tore each piece apart, tore that in half and had a pile of squares approximately 9″ x 9″. I twisted each one into a rose shape of sorts and then started inserting them into the same skirt form made from chicken wire that I used for my Magnolia and Leaf dresses.

The biggest construction lesson you can take from this is don’t obsess over folds and shape! There are over SIX HUNDRED flowers on this frame. I made each flower in less than 20 seconds while watching TV.

img_20161222_212943You can see how you CAN’T see individual flowers! It all becomes a mass of petals.

The bodice is made from a paper grocery bag. I actually just ripped the pieces in the same shapes as if I’d cut them out of fabric. I glued them together and used a pen to draw on the stitching lines. In all seriousness I could take the top off the mannequin and put them on a cotton corset and wear it. I just might 😉

img_20161222_225911Because, for a variety of reasons, I had no Christmas tree this year THIS became my tree. I pulled out two strings of lights and thought I was being clever by first inserting the lights from the inside of the skirt outward. Ha!

img_20161222_222658Looks like the thing is on fire on the inside. Not good.

img_20161222_225636Just to make sure I put the second strand on the outside and just tucked the wires into the petals and got what I wanted. To top it all off I pulled out some plastic ornaments (cats, you know) so that it would be more festive.

The necklace are actual pine “blossoms” that dropped from a tree across the street.

img_20161222_225917I had a few dozen of them so they went into the skirt as well. They were ALSO the first things to fall out that the cats chased….


This entire project cost me three glue sticks. Nothing else was purchased, all other items were recycled. I barely missed having a tree and now I have something pretty that I can change out all year long!
img_20161223_172146So what say you? Join me this year, make something out of recycled stuff and share it with me! I’ll even sweeten the pot with giveaways to entice you ALL to do something ‘out of the box’ 🙂

I need your help!

Several of you who subscribed via Bloglovin’ told me you weren’t getting updates and people who wanted to sign up couldn’t. After we opened a case via Bloglovin’ this is what they said:

“Sorry for the confusion! It seems that our moderation team had blacklisted your site. I’ve reversed this for you….

I certainly didn’t notice any valid reason for your blog to be blacklisted, so it’s quite likely that this was a result of human error.”

Since then I’ve received no emails from Bloglovin’ with updates, mine or anyone else’s. Can a couple of you comment and let me know if you’re getting the Bloglovin’ daily updates and if my blog is listed?

Or tell me what other methods you use and like for letting people know you’ve put up a new post? I’m feeling a little jittery here….

Here is a pretty for you – homemade chocolate chip cookies on a vintage french transferware plate 🙂

Here’s the whole setting, although WordPress keeps flipping the pic on its side. Sigh.


I give up. Let me know if you see my posts and have a cookie for me.