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  1. Hi Loran maybe you will remember me… we met each other on the Bart in SF., the glen park station. You were going to your job and I was going to mine. I am a teacher. My name is Lee Ann . I am thinking of moving to the area in which you live and am wondering if you have any wisdom to share. Thank you, Lee Ann

    • Hi Olivia-
      I don’t make the Miss Fisher hats (like the ones you see on the show). I’ve made some 20’s hats from vintage patterns and am happy to make one of those for you. If you’d like to have a longer chat just email me at

  2. Please, please help me find the Christmas plaid taffeta in your photo in front of the tree 2013. I’ve made 2 wool felted pillow tops for gifts that desperately need the texture, shine and colors in your dress. I thought this would be easy to find but not so. My pillows are 16″ squares. Would also like to add piping. Any suggestions?

    • I bought that plaid taffeta at JoAnn’s, and for a while they had it in stock every time I went. I haven’t looked lately but I’ll be in a store this weekend and see if I can find some! I’d put red piping on them but that’s me 🙂 email me at if you want to chat.

  3. I would love to see what you are making and if you know of someone who will be making any of the hats from Miss Fisher series! Too fabulous not to want!

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