About Me!

Just the basics for now…

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve sewn all my life and done it professionally. I spent more than two decades designing and sewing for local theater companies. As the economy declined so did the pay so I left theater for the “real world”. I’ve worked as a barista, store manager and am currently an administrative assistant at an international pharmaceutical research facility.

To keep my sanity I sew. I didn’t sew for a few years and that wasn’t a good or happy time. I met Mena Trott of the Sew Weekly fame at the Alameda Flea market in March of 2011, just as I was planning my daily tablesetting blog, Retro Deco Settings. My friend Sue and I collected so much stuff that we finally decided that we could do a table setting a day for a year…so we did : )

But meeting Mena sparked that love of sewing in me. For the first time in many years I didn’t HAVE to be creative, I was ABLE to be creative. Just for giggles I decided to throw my hat into the ring and become a guest contributor for this year and almost fell flat on the first challenge! My biggest hurdle was taking pictures of MY stuff on ME. Nearly had a panic attack…

But with some very nice supportive comments on my creations, as well as the support and photographic skills of my daughter, I persevered. Now we’re more than halfway through the year and I’m having a GREAT time! I’ve put myslef out there in ways I never thought I would (just wait….) Don’t get me wrong, there have been some tearful moments and more than a couple “WTH!” thoughts.

So now I’m doing the personal blog. Stories of adventures in sewing and life, thoughts and stories I want to share. It will change a LOT. Thanks for joining me on part of the journey : )


7 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Did you ever publish your leotard pattern? On my phone, your store tab only shoes the polka do dress (six times). Que passa mi amiga?

  2. This morning was very frosty and foggy and as we were walking the dog and admiring the trees and bushes (even the weeds looked beautiful covered in frost) my husband commented that it was very magical looking. I immediately thought of your Prydain Coat – that was the best photo shoot ever. You even outdid Mena channeling Wallis Simpson. I’m a huge science fiction/fantasy fan and you could have stepped out of so many books. You looked very mystical and magical. You outdid yourself with the black and white challenge. Those inverted pleats on the dress are gorgeous. The best ballgown I’ve ever seen had a gathered skirt made of black and white plaid taffeta so I obviously loved your plaid skirt. There is something so sophisticated about black and white polka dots so that was another good one.As always your accessories were perfect (including that beautiful car). By the way, when I told my husband about you fostering the puppies, he asked if we had your address. How nice it was that you could salvage so many of your patterns from the mess they made. I very much enjoy your posts and comments on Sew Weekly and
    thought it was about time I said so.Thank you for sharing so much.

  3. Hi Loran, Thanks so much for mentioning my pattern! You did a really amazing job on the bathing suit and I can’t tell you how much it tickles me pink to see people who have sewn my designs. If you would be willing to add a link to where others can find the bathing suit pattern as well, I would love to thank you with another free digital pattern of your choice from my shop.
    You can email me at mrsdepewvintage@gmail.com.

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