Instagram Project

For those of you following me on Instagram you may notice quite a few “tree” pictures. As a matter of fact they are of the SAME tree : ) I wanted to do a chronicle of something for a year, documenting the changes that we see every day but sometimes take for granted. To that end I chose a tree up in the community gardens at the Howe Homestead Park. This is part of the Open Space that, many years ago, very wise conservation-minded people decided the city needed to preserve. Land was purchased with the sole intent that it NOT be developed and so they stitched together hundreds of acres that are hiking/biking trails, some through cattle grazing land, upon which nothing will never be built. The community gardens are an area I take Chloe girl for a walk to every single day. My intent is to photograph the same tree at (hopefully) the same time every day for this entire year and at the end of the year I’ll load all the photos into a slide show to see one year in the life of this tree in 6 minutes, give or take : ) While right now I feel llike I’m taking the same picture over and over and over I’m sure at the end it will be very cool!

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