My Chicken apron : )

The Facts Fabric: Three different chicken-print cottons from stash
Pattern: Self drafted
Notions: 7 yards red bias tape from stash
Year: Contemporary
Time to complete: About 2 hours, maybe more, there was Limoncello involved.
First worn: November 2012
Wear again? Yes

Total Cost: Free

This is going to be a pretty quick post (for me!). If you’ve read my blog you’ll get an idea why and let me just say that was only the BEGINNING of a long week. We’ll get through, and I’ll post more later but I’m tired and it shows.

Thank god for friends. I needed a boost, an excuse to get away and sew so Angie (my Gatsby partner) and I “made a date” to eat sushi and sew. We did just that, but Angie threw in a glass of her homemade Limoncello so there was much giggling. She forgot how to cut a curve, I couldn’t figure out how long an apron I wanted, there was burping and laughing, so hard that I had tears running down my face. We looked at pictures on the internet but I can’t remember what site she pulled up. I just said “Oh, that’s cute” and started cutting. The apron is fully lined with the white version of that black print. I’ve had the fabric for so long that I didn’t remember I made a chicken quilt until I unfolded everything at her house! It’s very cute, it should take me about an hour to finish it up and then I’ll take pictures. I had planned to get it done in time for these photos but life didn’t work out that way. Ah well….

It’s very long but I’m ok with that. I put a big pocket on it because I like pockets. I could practically wear this by itself…almost… It’s a little ruffly for my taste but hey, it’s cute, it’s REALLY nice cotton and it’s DONE! My cowboy boots are still covered with real dust from a real Ho-Down and square dancing I did last weekend : ) I’m not generally a square-dancing kind of girl but it was a very special event and I’m proud of that dirt!

See? Dirt and dust : )

HUGE thanks to Heidi for allowing us to use her wonderful kitchen. That stove with the red knobs is just plain sexy…

And because she supplied the Limoncello and bad jokes that made this project the highlight of my week, here’s Angie in her cha-cha apron:

She was never a girl scout so she wanted an apron the color of our old uniforms : ) We found some vintage yellow rick rack at the flea market this weekend that she threw on at the last minute. The patch on there is her first Farm Girl patch, we’re working on several others right now and when she gets them, instead of a sash, she’s going to put them on her apron. Pretty cute, huh? I may have to copy her.

We also had to have matching red shoes. There was a whole red shoe contingent helping out this afternoon : ) And someone came dressed up as a Christmas tree…

I love my friends.

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  1. excellent dress patterns and FABULOUS STYLE. You’ve got it goin’ on
    Great job with the dresses. Excellent styling with the NYE dress and place settings.

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