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By now everyone has seen the results of our horrendous divisive political election. There aren’t enough sighs in the WORLD for me right now. I held my daughter as the election results came in and got worse and worse and worse. She sobbed for an hour, fearful for her future and those of her friends. I had no words. Frankly, if it weren’t for the awesomeness of people like Vicki (Another Sewing Scientist), Meg (Meg the Grand) and a couple of other good friends I would have lost all hope. We’re going to take a break, regroup and fight the good fight to make sure we don’t end up back in the 1700’s.

There are a couple of things I want to say before I move on. The sewing community is a wonderful place, full of diverse and lovely people. You are ALL my friends. I stand with ALL of you. What is happening in this country right now is AWFUL.  This quote, from Nate Black, sums things up nicely:

“Not all Trump supporters are racist, but all of them decided that racism isn’t a deal breaker. End of story. “

Or this from Patton Oswalt:

What I’ve learned so far tonight: America is WAAAAAAAAY more sexist than it is racist. And it’s pretty fucking racist.  “

And I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it, just check this out.

And go give our friend Tasha some love as well.

So…. (deep breathe) ….

To that end, we need a DIVERSION! Well, maybe just I need a diversion but that’s what is about to happen.

I an effort to escape the news I *might* have watched a whole lot of movies….and I *might* have seen “Julie and Julia” a dozen one too many times….and I *might* have pulled out my copy of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and I *might* have said “Well, what if I did something like this but no animals died in the process?”

So I’m cooking my way through “Mastering” by doing it vegetarian/vegan. I haven’t eaten meat, other than some salmon at my parents house (because in their world that IS vegetarian), in years. Dairy and I are NOT friends so that’s not hard. I’m well aware that she uses a TON of butter, and that she’s using the chemistry of butter and dairy to make many of her dishes work. I’m going to give it a shot and see what I can come up with.

Things I will do – translate recipes into a vegetarian version as best as I can. I made onion soup the other night, a classic dish that I grew up with, and used vegetable stock instead of beef. Yummy!! If a recipe calls for cream then the creativity starts.

Things I will not do – not going to even try replicating a whole chicken/lamb/roast/whatever. You really want me to sculpt tofu into an animal shape?? SO not the point! A friend asked what I was going to do about Lobster Thermadore? I have no idea. I may ignore it. I don’t know yet.

There are a number of restaurants in my neck of the woods that use meat substitutes that I’m going to consult with. I ASSURE you this isn’t going to be 300 recipes using tofu instead of meat. How dull would THAT be? And so NOT diversionary! There will be pretty pictures and maybe some new tablesettings, and there might be a new dress or two in amongst everything else because DIVERSIONS!!

I invite you to join me as I cook, sew and photograph my way through a project of what appears to be epic proportions 😉 Instant updates happen on Instagram (follow me!), more complete blog posts will happen on this very station.


Because we ALL need a laugh, go here and read the reviews 🙂

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