Two things done!! And the start of the “Gina Clark” sew-along

Alrighty!! This is just the beginning, and so the process may change drastically but this is my “plan” so far.

I have a  list of Sew Weekly contributors I’d like to honor/feature in the coming months. Something like 139 people signed up to be contributors and six other women besides myself did all/almost all the challenges. Lee missed a week due to hurricane Sandy and Liz missed two challenges but hey, close enough! Other contributors, such as Leimomi and Erin joined in for as much as they could considering they have jobs and lives, like Vicki, Bethany and Kat : ) These are ALL amazing, talented women and by NO MEANS the entire list but this is what I want to do to start and please, if you have suggestions, SHARE!

Each person has a distinct style and voice. I’m not necessarily going to do outfit karaoke but rather channel their style into something I would wear. There will most likely be a sewing technique that I will highlight, be it simple or complex, why not put the info out there?

So this is “my” version of Gina Clark style : )

Gina wears a lot of pants, one of the most memorable outfits early on was her “Take me to Your Leader” silver pants. She followed those up with “Lorenzo Lamas” pants and most likely my FAVORITE outfit (and photoshoot) of hers, the “Have I Gone Mad?” suit. She is one of the more fashion-forward sewists and a Stylist in real life : ) She also loves menswear and made a few classic blouses/shirts, a couple of vests and uses LOTS of top stitching.

I’ll be making pants, jeans to be precise. I’m going to use a classic pattern, the Calvin Klein jean pattern from the 70’s. And what are jeans without top stitching, rivets and a cap snap? IF I have enough fabric I’ll make a funky vest but most likely won’t wear the two together. The pic above is a HINT about the fabric I’m using : ) After all, printed denim is hot right now.

In the next week I’ll do small posts of the different steps. Feel free to join in! Make YOUR version of a Gina Clark outfit and I’ll post your pics!! Or just sit back and enjoy : ) If you’d like to do a Sew Weekly-style post let me know and we’ll work out a way to submit it in that template. Questions? Ask!

And now for the two things done…

First is the cover for the dog bed. We’ve had this bed for a million years and I  finally re-did the inside liner because Miss Romera dug holes into it. I’ve had this piece of fabric, sadly a hideous fleece, for about as many years as the bed. This is the first time they’ve met : ) It didn’t take long to make, just has a zip at one end, but my machine H A T E D sewing through the fleece, almost like it was telling me the fabric was evil. And it is, in a way, but I had it, it’s cute and it’s now done. Done is beautiful : )

I also finished the kitchen curtains for Sue…but she didn’t want the style that I thought we had agreed upon! She loved the valance, and hung it, but cafe curtains just aren’t her thing. Ah well. Win some, lose some.

Last weekend was the Alameda Flea market, it was fr-fr-fr-freezing cold. At least freezing cold for us Californian’s : ) The flea market is usually on the first Sunday of the month but this month it was delayed a week due to rain. Because of the delay only about half the vendors were there which is fine, it makes the market a little smaller but also quieter. I’m sure the 34 degrees out helped as well! My three favorite finds of the day were the Bauer mixing bowl for $20 (no photo yet), a set of eight leaf plates that match some my mother found last summer (all for 5 bucks!) and a canister set from the same vendor for the same price as the plates.

The large one has a crack in the side, the seller apparently has a vintage store somewhere up north and said a customer dropped it on the floor. The lids are clear with the red knobs and for the price, how could I pass them up? I’m thinking they may help organize my very messy workbench in the garage : ) And they’re red.

Get your ideas out, machines ready to go…

Let the sewing begin!!

13 thoughts on “Two things done!! And the start of the “Gina Clark” sew-along

  1. Hi Loran! What a fabulous idea!! I’m totally keen to take part in some of these challenges. 🙂

    I don’t suppose you’d consider making a schedule for them, to help us plan ahead with our creating?

    Also, since the Sew Weekly doesn’t seem to be doing much this year, I’ve been compiling a list of all the sewing challenges I come across so people can find them all and get inspired – I’d love to add your challenges to the list if you’d like that?

    • My goodness Kat, you must be psychic!! I was LITERALLY just trying to work on a calendar to do just that! Our system keeps crashing at work so I’m hoping to have another blog post up tonight and then the calendar. I would LOVE to inculde you/be included in any list you’re making. I’m sad that Mena is still dealing with life issues and hope she’s back soon. Let me know if I can do anything else to help : )

  2. I think you are doing a great idea and very inspiring! Gina also did some pink pants from a bed sheet…..they were unbelievable!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…. you are also very talented and creative. Looking forward to your creations this 2013.

  3. I’m so excited!!!! This sounds like so much fun I may have to try and get in on one of these. I’ll be checking in to learn some new things like rivets.

    Thanks again for including me in this group. What an awesome group of women!

  4. I started a pair of jeans from the Wendy pattern series years ago and have haven’t finished them. They’re a slightly shiny grey with yellow topstitching. Maybe in between all my costumes I’ve gotta sew I’ll finish them up too!

    • I would LOVE to see them! I have a fondness for grey with yellow, a color combo I think I’ll play with a little more in the coming year.

  5. That’s a truly inspired idea Loran. I know how many of us were saying that we had to file away inspirations from each other to use in the future, and here you are getting a jump on it already. I’m flattered if you want to do me (wait….that sounded a bit rude….), but if you do, I have a deal for you: since I’m all about the African shwe shwe fabric, how about I send you 2m or so and see what you can make? I’m headed back to South Africa next month, and I’ll be fabric shopping anyway, and it’s cheap! Let me know if you’re game, your mailing address, and which colourway you’d like – the easiest to find are blue/white, brown/white/yellow and red/white, but there are some new crazy colourways (purple/orange, pink/blue, etc.) 🙂

    • Vicki – that sounds like a WONDERFUL idea!! Yes, I absolutely want to do something based on your style and that shwe shwe fabrics are SO intriguing to me : ) I LOVE the African fabrics we get here but sometimes feel like I’m co-opting a culture I’m not worthy of, if that makes sense. I’ll send you an email (I should be able to find that through Sew Weekly, right?) with my address. As for colors, well, RED is always a favorite…

      • My email is on my blog.
        I’ll let you know when I’m going (probably mid Feb or mid March), then I think I’ll send you a surprise fabric and see what you can do with it. Heheh.

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