The “Joan goes Pucci” outfit




The Facts
: Pucci-inspired rayon from stash, turquoise vinyl from stash, lining from stash
Patterns: Simplicity 7635 and a Sew-Knit-n-Stretch #122
Year: Both from 1967
Notions: Scraps of interfacing, 1 zipper, 6 vintage buttons
Time to complete: 8 hours
First worn: For this photo
Wear again? Probably

Total Cost: FREE!

I swear I didn’t set out to make another entire outfit, all I wanted to do was finish the dress! Then I was looking in the living room closet for some random thing, spied the half-done turquoise vinyl coat….and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was trying to channel Joan Holloway this week, but I ended up with a mixture of Joan and Skeeter from “The Help”. I wanted to loosen Joan up, make her super hip and “of the moment” : ) I also wanted to finally finish or toss these things I’ve had hanging up and in boxes for at least 7 years! I decided on the raincoat in the midst of a week of solid rain here, standing on BART platforms or waiting for shuttles and getting wet. Why not something distinctive? The pattern was in a big box of patterns from a freecylcer, and was perfect since I wanted to use my cool vintage buttons and needed to use at least 6 to make a statement. The style of coat is a little boxy, not something I would normally wear but to be honest, most of the clothes from this era aren’t my “thing”.

Lining the coat in the dress fabric was pure serendipity – I happened to have a piece *just* big enough, I had used it as a tablecloth in my First Day of Christmas tablesetting (you can see it here if you like). I didn’t have enough to line the sleeves so I used a piece of turquoise silky in the same box. I’m loving being able to use all this stuff finally!

I didn’t realize how much the belt was going to blend in with the dress but check it out! It is an actual vintage piece from the 60′s, and you can just see the vintage ball buttons on the coat. I had to work to salvage them when we had a major flood in my shop about 16 years ago, and there was still a little dirt caught in the holes but the effort was well worth it : )

The coat was a pain in the you-know-what. Do I recommend the fabric? Absolutely not, unless you’ve got a ton of experience working with pain in the rear fabrics. This stuff is right up there with velvet <cringe>. It’s tough to press (MUST use press cloth), you can’t wash it or dry clean it (wipe it with a sponge) AND it has some stretch to it. I ended up doing bound buttonholes in the off-chance that I’d wear it enough to put a strain on anything. I top-stitched the hem because honestly, I ran out of time. What I “should” have done was what I did with the sleeves:

Instead of doing the traditional hem (turn up fashion fabric, stitch, turn up lining fabric separately and either slip stitch to fashion fabric or stitch separately and tack at seams) I treated the vinyl and lining as one. I took some of the print, wrapped it around the raw edges like a bias binding to enclose everything and then stitched the hem to the lining. You can’t really hand hem vinyl, and you shouldn’t : ) This way you get a clean edge finish without putting holes in the vinyl…because if you make a mistake you can’t fix it well or easily.

I channeled Najah this week with the pockets : )

I didn’t do the “nice” finish with the coat hem because all hand work was done in the car on the way to pick up a couple rescued chicken girls in Vacaville Sunday morning. By the time we got back I had just enough time to throw a machine hem in, get hair and makeup done and get to my girlfriends house to do photos.

Sue has all KINDS of goodies, she’s my partner-in-crime with our tablesetting blog. She has the vintage record box (you’d store your singles in it and could take it to your friends house for a sleep over) AND Monkees records! I decided to pull out the “Day Dream Believer” single as an homage to Davy Jones. I was much more a David Cassidy fan but appreciate a good-looking singing Brit : )

All the furniture is Sue’s…I match : ) Check out those vintage shoes too! They are only a half-size too small this week and a little narrow but very shiny and purple! I also totally lucked out with the tights – I used to own about 2 dozen pairs in all colors and they just sat in a box for years. A few months ago my daughter needed materials for a project at school so she took them all and made an enormous spider web in the wooded area at school…and somehow left me one pair of turquoise. Serendipity : )

This totally cool picture is vintage and made using fake fur : ) Reminds me of troll hair…

So Joan met Pucci this week, what do you think?

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