The Girl Detective button dress

Fabric: Sueded Rayon Gaberdine from the 90′s, Silk from stash
Pattern: Anne Adams 1527
Year: 1930′s
Notions: 5 Bakelite buttons!
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: January 15, 2012
Wear again? Probably
Total price: $5 for buttons, $1 for interfacing = $6 total

Growing up I LOVED to read. A neighbor of ours introduced me to the “Judy Bolton” Girl Detective series, similar to Nancy Drew except Judy ages. The series starts when she’s 15 and throughout she graduates from High School, marries the love of her life in a double rainbow wedding ceremony and settles into married life with Peter. The first book was written in 1932, and is “modern” meaning the illustrations and clothing descriptions are that of 1932. Margaret Sutton wrote 38 books, the final one in 1967. I adored Judy, wanted to be Judy, and this dress fulfills a Judy fantasy : ) This is the artwork on the end papers:

And here is my version:

Loran, Girl Detective!

Believe when I say that we tried getting me from the side. It just wasn’t my best angle : ) I knew when I started this challenge that picking out a weekly outfit to make wouldn’t be the hard part, even finishing it wouldn’t be too tough. The hard part comes when I have to put it on ME and have someone photograph ME and then choose the best shots! I’ve spent an entire career designing and building gorgeous outfits for others to wear. Build it, fit it, style it and get it on stage, go home to life, daughter and animals. To say this is traumatic may sound dramatic but I’d honestly rather go to the dentist. Ugh…anyone else feel that way?

Back to the sewing – I wanted something that would show buttons, especially my latest find! I met a fabulous button lady on our last outing to the Alameda Flea market-

These are BAKELITE!! Shaped like logs, they are drilled so that they go on at an angle, not straight. Here is an extreme close up:

Button : )

Since the challenge was about the button HOLES as much as it was the buttons I decided I needed to do bound buttonholes, never one of my favorites as they are extraordinarily time-consuming. I could have cut the time spent on the dress in half if not for these… and once the buttonhole is done from the front there is still the matter of the facing that needs to be stitched down:

The back, extreme close-up!

The fabric I chose was a little on the heavy side but I had in it my stash and it was the color I wanted to go with the vintage hat, hat pin and shoes. I love my outfit and definitely feel like I’m channeling Judy : ) Now I need to get myself to the gym if I’m going to keep this up!

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