The “Formerly Sorry Sari” dress

The Facts

Fabric: Purple poly crepe Sari, purple cotton for interlining, black cotton lining all from stash
Pattern: Vogue 8112 (again!)
Year: 1940
Notions: 1 zipper, 12″ square of buckram, millinery wire, bias tape & feathers all from stash.
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: July 2012
Wear again? Yes, once I fix the top

Total Cost: Free!

What I love about the creative process is the ability to start in one place, get half way though the journey and take a right into territory that was never even a consideration. When I originally planned out this challenge I was hoping to get a early start to the week, finish up by Thursday (since Wednesday was a holiday!) and have everything done by Saturday including photos.

Once again, didn’t even start until Thursday but I was confident!. I had made this pattern before and was going to do the top in an evening and then gather almost 6 yards of the formerly sad Sari, throw a petticoat under the whole thing for a twist on tradition. Ha! The Sari was in three pieces, there were wide swaths of color bleaching from being stored incorrectly and the crepe is thin, rather cheap and easily melted. I “was” going to sew some sequins on the top gathered bodice piece but it frankly just wasn’t worth my time and energy. I did cut the top 1/2″ higher than my previous dress and then somehow managed to make the gathered part too long! I did play with this on my mannequin, pinned it in place and EVERYTHING but somehow on me it gave me big puffy purple cloud boobs. It was bad…. I took it up at the last minute but will take the whole thing apart later and fix it properly with Angie’s help.

There is no petticoat under the finished skirt : ) As I held up the fabric to determine which edge should go where it struck me that I could mimic the soft pleats of the original Sari and maybe, just maybe, it would be cute. The skirt is a little longer than I would normally wear but when I cut the panels it was still with the intention of full and petticoat. I wasn’t sure how the pleating would work out, although after wearing it for the photos I was pretty happy with the feel of it. I still have the option in the future to take it off and gather it : )

Buddha or baby?

I will give whomever made the Art purchasing decisions for the city of Walnut Creek full credit for going for “different”. There are two fountains along Main Street that have recently been re-done and this one is in front of our bank : ) My thought was to do the photos around it as the gold would be a great background for my purple dress. Brittany hadn’t seen this one yet and let out an emphatic “What the….?” when she saw it. Of course, she HAD to know whether the nose had nostrils and I can now say with complete confidence that it does : )

We tried but the light wasn’t great but now you can get a feel for the scale of the thing…

I made another hat…

…just because I like hats : )  I had used this Sari as part of my Mardi Gras tablesetting last February and used the feathers in the centerpieces so why not have some fun? I took one of the left over motifs from the skirt and used it as the base and threw the feathers on before the cats found them.

Le hat sans cats : )

All in all I have to say this is a happy save. I took something that was in pieces, had some fade issues and made it work. Tim Gunn should be pleased : ) Lassez les bon temps rouler!

I’ve had several emails asking me about the outcome of the picture my daughter submitted to the county fair. I am ECSTATIC to say she won First Place in the Color Photo Division!  I swear I didn’t cry as we rounded the corner and saw the blue ribbon…

“For my Twin”

The quality of this picture isn’t great, Travis whipped out his iphone and snapped the pic quickly as Kate and I kept the vested volunteers busy. You can just see the ribbon behind her head : ) How else is my 92 year old grandmother going to see what Brittany did, right? I’ll get the back story up this week on RetroDeco if anyone is interested. It’s good : )

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