Happy New Year!!

The Facts
: Gold Brocade
Pattern: Butterick 6582 and Vogue 1137
Notions: A zipper…that’s it, just a zipper!
Year: 1960
Time to complete
: 3 1/2  hours
First worn: December 2012
Wear again? Yes, on New Years Eve : )

Total Cost: Dress $21.19, Coat is from Christmas challenge

Since I’m not sure if we’re doing one final challenge of the year I figured I might as well! After all, can you wear the same dress for Christmas and New Years? I think not : )

I was originally inspired by this purse:

It was in the collection of my costumer friend that died earlier this year. It just SCREAMS party, don’t you think?

I thought it would go nicely with the 1960’s gold convertible Cadillac that the gentleman with the 1940 Packard has. Unfortunately with the craziness of the holidays we couldn’t connect to do photos but we will soon… : )

But since this is so much amazing gold-ness I thought it deserved a dress with MORE gold to it and here we are!

Since the car was unavailable I decided to set up my dining room early for New Years dinner. I think between my dress, the purse and the table setting there is sufficient glitter for a party : )

I am also wearing the coat from last week, I’ve reversed it so the lining shows and the burgundy is on the inside. It does indeed reverse and looks pretty good. Whodda thought??

The pattern went together quite easily. The only thing I changed about it was fully lining it since those gold threads ITCH. I also used the “inside” of the fabric instead of the “right” side. I didn’t care for the yellow tint to the satin, not my best color, but the “wrong” side looks pretty good AND is sparklier. Yes, sparklier is a word : )

I’ve also got on enough sparkly jewelry to make a drag queen happy. I know this for a fact since I bought the necklace at a well known drag store in the Haight some years ago. The earrings and bracelets are new additions to my collection thanks to H&M’s after Christmas sales. Buy one, get one free. Love that!

Since I did this all at the last minute I didn’t have time to track down a photographer so once again I’m using the timer feature on my camera. I’m getting pretty good at this I think : )

Just for fun I’m including an outtake for Vicki –

Not the best shot of me but can you see Miss Amelia in the lower left corner?

Have a WONDERFUL 2013 everyone!! I hope you stop by my blog to say “Hi” every now and then. Drop me a note and I’ll stop by to see you as well : ) I have made so many new friendships this year, it has been truly amazing. I want to thank Mena for allowing me to come play. And thanks to each and every one of you who left me a comment. You don’t know how much I was surprised and delighted each week. It was truly incredible.

If you ever get out my way drop me a note and we’ll get together for tea or hot chocolate. By the time you read this I’ll have (hopefully!) met Djamila from Berlin. And I’m going to host a few sew-alongs this year if you’d like to join in : ) First up will be doing something in the style of Gina Clark. You MUST stop by!!

Again, thank you all SO MUCH!!!!



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Yay! Aw Loran, your dress looks fantastic!! I knew you would end the year with a bang!! Great job. and I am so damn pleased to of sewn the year away with you and the other ladies. You are all so inspiring. Happy New Year friend and I can’t wait to see your Gina Clark inspiration post. All the best for 2013 xxoo

  2. Beautiful! I always love your photo shoots. And I love that your chicken is in the house, haha. We always used to let our Red into the kitchen in winter too.

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