Ariel Rose August 19, 1998 – December 10, 2012

Ariel with Javier Lopez and Matt Cain of the SF Giants

Last night at 11:25 Ariel Rose finished her journey here on earth. She is no longer in pain, no longer struggling to breath and finally cancer free.

In 14 years this amazing girl had a larger influence on this planet than most of us can hope to have if we live to be 94. She was smart, loved her twin sister and brother and wanted to work with lions and tigers. She loved her San Francisco Giants, especially Sergio Romo. When he threw the last pitch over the plate to win the World Series this year I was at the family home. There was cheering, and then we packed the family into the car so they could race Ari to the hospital due to seizure activity. She would watch games from her hospital bed and yell at the screen while procedures were done to and around her.

She fought until her last hours, her mom snuggled up against her in bed at the hospital. When Crystal saw how hard her daughter was hanging on she held her close and told her it was ok to go now, that she’d fought long enough and they understood how tired she was. I left right after that and 40 minutes later she was gone. Shocked, stunned, grief stricken. We should not be burying a 14 year old girl but we will.

A month ago Crystal and I stood in the parking garage at Children’s and she said to me “Did you know they sell coffins at Costco?” That was the beginning of one of the strangest converstaions I hope to ever have. She asked me to make a special shroud for Ari, a gold lion on a deep red background, the colors of Gryffindor house. Ari was HUGE Harry Potter fan! She wants the word “Brave” (after Ari’s favorite movie and indomnitable spirit)  and Ari’s name. Of all the projects I’ve done in my life this will be by far the most challenging.

In Ari’s spirit you can go to either Ariel is Brave or Team Ariel on facebook and leave a comment or load a picture of you holding the “Brave” sign like she’s doing in the top photo. Until the shock wears off this is all I can post.

This photo was taken in Septmeber of this year. Romo is holding Ari as she’s being honored by the Giants before she throws out the first pitch. She was unsteady on her feet but SO happy to be there. Still, she found the crowd intimidating so Romo gave her strength.

You can read about her journey on her caringbridge page.

2 thoughts on “Ariel Rose August 19, 1998 – December 10, 2012

  1. Oh Loran, I’m just having a tea break here at work, opened up my reader and saw your blog at the top. I don’t know Ariel’s family, but as a mother, this story tears my heart out. Hugs to everyone left behind, including you who helped so much. I hope her brother and sister are getting lots of love and support now; I lost a very young cousin to cancer almost 20 years ago, and his brother recently told me that he has thought about his brother every single day, without fail, for 20 years. I think that the parents naturally are the focus of the grieving, but the siblings need support too. I’m not sure what else to say, because honestly, how can you make sense of something like this?

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