An update and a change

Hello fellow Sewists, Sewcialists et al…

You’ll notice there are no pictures with this post. All of my photos are currently residing somewhere “safe”.  I’m not sure where that is at the moment. Our computer died Tuesday, just about the time my bike was stolen from the BART station, it was one of those days….

Since then parts have been replaced in the computer but we’re still awaiting more, and I’ve fixed up my other bike so I can at least get to work but nothing is really working well right now : (

To that end, I’m extending the challenge end date to 8/3, to give any and all of us a breather and time to finish our creations. I have SO MUCH STUFF that is done, just needs photos and words! I haven’t taken many photos because I can’t upload OR edit them since the laptop I’m currently, and finally, using to even make this update doesn’t have anything on it! No photo files, no photoshop, and until an hour ago a limitied ability to even get on the internet. Oh, and there is no chocolate in the house. The horror….

So take a breath and keep your fingers crossed that the new mother board works. the memory is still intact, that 6 years of photos still exist and that I get some chocolate soon : ) Cheers!



One thought on “An update and a change

  1. I recently upgraded to a new computer after Microsoft stopped supporting XP, and have yet to tackle the pictures & music files…It is nerve wracking, but hopefully your computer status will be restored to “fully operational” ASAP. So sorry that your day also included the loss of your bike…At our house, the events described would call for a “Chocolate Emergency”.

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