The collar challenge

The Facts

Fabric: Vintage-inspired cotton print cotton from stash
Pattern: Decades of Style #4005
Year: 1940′s inspired
Notions: A zipper for now
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: August 2012
Wear again? Yes
Total Cost:
Pattern $16.60

After this last week I’m just proud I finished. On top of all that I took a day off work to go to the memorial for my fellow costume designer friend for whom I made the black skirt in the reality challenge. I love that outfit and it was perfect for the day : ) I decided that because I’ve been able to use stuff from my stash for the last few challenges that I would treat myself to a pattern I’ve coveted for a while, The 1940′s Girl Friday blouse by Decades of Style. What a PERFECT pattern for this challenge with that triple layered collar!

This blouse is really my “muslin”. I bought the fabric last year just because I loved it but I also saw that Stone Mountain still had some so if I screwed this up I could replace it. Just so I wouldn’t make myself crazy, and because my machine needs a spa day, I didn’t do the rows and rows of top stitching. I will in the future, I may even make a white blouse with red top stitching like the pattern shows. I will NOT, unless I take complete leave of my senses, do the top stitching by HAND as suggested in the pattern instructions.

The collar is stunning, no doubt about it. And this pattern is much easier than you might think! There are NO BUTTONS, the pattern asks that you place a zipper down the left side, which I did, and then when I went to put it on for pics I pulled the thing on like a t-shirt and completely forgot about the zipper! Pass the Mena zip test? Check! It will be coming out soon : ) I ended up wearing this outfit all afternoon, to the birthday party for my twin friends, and many of the adults were very complimentary, even liked my Rosie the Riveter jeans.

My daughter and I went to my girlfriends house for a girls sewing party Sunday morning. Sue’s back yard is not only an amazing suburban farm but she has an entire Tiki area complete with torches, lanai, pond and statuary. After almost 2 weeks of 100 degrees everyday we were a little tired but being back there is like a mini-vacation.

We were working on our Farm Girl aprons –

We have polka dots, we have cherries and we have smiles. Good way to spend the end of the week : )

I want to share a wonderful idea – at Barbara’s memorial her daughter made these amazing origami “dresses” instead of the usual program:

It is perfect. It captures her spirit and style. Hug your kids, tell your friends and family how much they mean to you everyday. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Today, at least, is good : )

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog via Gertie’s blog roll. Usually I lurk but I felt the need to comment after reading your post about the twins. My prayers, thoughts are with Elora and Ariel.

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