The Art of the 20’s Dress is here!!

So I went to Australia….

And I saw a TON of cool stuff, and hung out with cool people, and did a bunch of cool things. All of that will be shared soon : ) But I think it’s time now to get our Miss Fisher on and sew some 20’s things, don’t you??!!!!

 Here we go – buttons, buttons, I’ve got buttons, because we all like buttons:

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Here are the “rules”:

1) You must have fun.

2)This is a non-competitive sewing “challenge” inspired by the looks of the beloved show “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”.  It is meant to broaden horizons and give anyone who has EVER wanted to try the 20’s styles a chance to try something new. In MY case it’s because I’m short, busty and curvy, not at all like the waifs of the era. I am GOING to tackle this decade and own it : )

3) Use anything, any pattern, any photo you like for inspiration. The 20’s has a range of styles that might surprise you. I’ve posted many, many inspirational pieces here and you can find more on The Midvale Cottage Post. I’ve got some other links I’ll include in future posts but there is no shortage of information out there!

4) I made a Flickr account! Just go here to join and upload your ideas, your inspirations and even your questions! I’m going to learn how to make a nifty end-of-challenge video like Rochelle does with her Sew for Victory challenges AND even have a couple of give-aways!

5) HAVE FUN! You can even do a dress in the spirit of Mayhem if you’re so moved. You’ve got until July 20th to make the dress of your dreams, or a hat, or a shawl… Just do something : )

Have I missed anything? Probably. This is what I’m starting with – hats. Yes, hats. Why hats? Well…my original plan was to start with the underwear and work my way out. Only problem with that is hand work – I’ve made a couple undergarments but they need dozens of small hook-n-eyes sewn on so they’re wearable. Last weekend, just BEFORE I was to sit down to finish everything and then do photos, I did THE STUPIDEST thing you can with a cat, I put my hand through the bars of a carrier to “comfort” one of our foster kitties as she went to her new home. She bit me. Duh. Now I can’t hand sew until my index finger (it just HAD to be the index finger, right?) heals. I can barely type, which is a BIG part of my job so work has been interesting the last few days. Ouch. So hats it is : ) But you’ll like these I promise.


I’ll be posting pics of the things Trish from Quiet Vintage Sewing and I saw at the exhibit and found op shopping. That woman can SHOP! I had the BEST time hanging out with someone who loves vintage and knows where to find it. Because of her I had to buy a second suitcase to get everything home… It was WONDERFUL!

Stay tuned : )

10 thoughts on “The Art of the 20’s Dress is here!!

  1. Ooooo, this sounds great! I’m not sure that I’ll have time to make a 20s outfit (but I have wanted to recently, SO many ideas swirling in my head!), but I’m definitely going to join the Flickr group to get inspired! Great idea!

  2. I’m so excited about this one! You know there’s about a million Miss Fisher outfits I’d like to try and recreate. I’m really hoping I can squeeze something in before the 20th. I just got that art deco print rayon recently that would be perfect for this!

  3. Love your challenge. I’ve been looking at some of the past postings on the 20-30’s patterns and they really inspire me. And your reference to the Miss Fisher Mysteries…guess I’m not with it, my daughter brought up the series during a conversation we had earlier this year! 🙂
    I may end up doing a blouse. I need some for my autumn wardrobe. Or hats, I LOVE hats, or both!
    Tell me, how do I find out when a pattern was first produced? I have a bunch that I think I know when, but it is not always clear, hairstyles are one clue, shoes, just the design line, but I’d really like to know.

  4. I’m excited to play along, just hope I can fit some outfits in. I can’t believe how busy I am these days. BYW I really wanted to add your button to my page, but I think there is something wrong with the code. I just get a broken image when I paste it in as a widget text. :(.

  5. Yay I found your blog, it was so great to meet you at the Bay Area Sewists! I love this sewing challenge!! Not sure if I can fit it into my sewing plans but I am excited to see what everyone makes! Loving your blog- cheers!

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