52 to do in 52

Originally inspired by a list of “101 things to do in 1001 days” on Kat’s Petticoats and Peplums blog I thought I’d put together a slightly smaller but relevant-to-me list : )

Since I’ve neglected my garden for a year and a half I’m going to spend a good amount of time there, at least until early summer. By that time, in this area, if you don’t have it in place it ain’t gonna get there…so my first category is “Yard & Garden”. There will be PLENTY of sewing, don’t fret : )

Yard & Garden-

1) Finish 3 hardscape projects started 2 years ago. (3/3)
2) Plant raspberry patch
3) Stake and tame blackberries
4) Plant strawberry patch
5) Make bird bath from rhubarb leaf and cement; install.
6) Get Outpost hot tub up and working!!
7) Plant at least 9 types of veggies, 3 of which we’ve never tried before.
I’ve got the seeds started : )

8) Plant a Sunflower/morning glory “house”. Pray it grows.
9) Get some type of vine along fence and supports for clothes line.
10) Take locally offered compost class/re-do compost set-up.
11) Re-do front porch in all turquoise and red to go with vintage porch swing.
12) Restore bench in barn; slipcover with linen or burlap (whichever one I can find!)
13) Clean off and organize back porch & deck, make it a mini-retreat/tea area.
14) Refinish found dresser; if no time or can’t figure out what to do then Freecycle it!
15) Refinish drawer unit salvaged from desk for thread and notion storage. (See if top will be salvageable for a side table.)


16) Host at least 8 Sew-Alongs honoring other Sew Weekly contributors. (3/12)
17) Make another swimsuit from Mrs. DePew’s pattern using a woven fabric.
18) Finish dog bed cover for rectangular bed.
19) New couch and chair slip covers.
20) New over-blanket for bed.
21) Sue’s kitchen curtains.
22) Make black wool coat from 1930’s pattern.
23) Get rid of at least one full box of fabric from stash through use or donation.
24) Mend all the clothes in my mending pile.
26) Make new robe…soon.
27) One new outfit/piece a month, preferably from stash. Bust that stash!!
28) Finish chicken quilt that matches apron.


29) Paint all trim in kitchen (finally).
30) Paint ceilings in bedroom, dining room and sewing room.
31) Curtains in office.
32) Finish at least 2 chairs of 6.
33) Convert studio space to chick hang-out.
34) Clean up work bench in garage!
35) Clean up back deck. Technically I have both a back deck AND a back porch but after looking at a couple other things that need to be done I’ve decided to combine the deck and porch, cross deck off the list as a separate item and add “Earthquake kit!”.
36) Organize all vases and outdoor pots. Paint pots to go with current color scheme.
37) New island wood top
38) Pour at least one new concrete counter top.
39) Make doors, drawer front and kick piece for new kitchen cabinet.

Crafty/Foody things

40) Complete at least 12 Mary Jane Butters Farmgirl badges. (3/12)
Buttoned up
 – Aprons
– Blogging

41) Host an Art Party complete with tea and scones.
42) Finish knitting fingerless gloves.
43) Crochet or knit hat to wear when I ride my bike to BART in the mornings.
44) Start a Kombucha culture.
45) Try a new recipe every month – make sure the Mojito cupcakes are in there! (1/12)


46) Host a Bob White party.
47) Host a Regrettable Foods party.
48) Celebrate my birthday in FINE style this year.
49) Another trip to the Longest Yard Sale???
We have our tickets and hotel reservations. Now we wait until August!

Life Stuff

50) Fix car or buy new one.
51) Lose 10 more pounds. If 20 lost then I get to make up Vogue 8705 but not before : )
52) Ebay, ebay, ebay. There is WAY too much stuff downstairs that I’m never going to use. It needs to move on to new homes where people will love and appreciate it.

I’ll update the list as I go, Bold will mean I’m working on it, Italics will mean it’s done. I may add to it if project A leads to project B and on and on. I’ll be updating SOON on the sewing projects and your feedback and comments are always welcome! I’ve also installed a “widget” that will allow me (if I found the correct one!) to respond to your lovely comments quickly and easily. I’m also working on some new graphics and look for the page as well as getting up some links to “stuff” – books I’m reading, places I’m going, people I’m meeting…

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